TEK News

December, 2005
  • Elsevier announces a collaboration with TEK to deliver scientific information to the developing world.
October, 2005
  • Beta release of TEK Client 2.0.
May, 2005
  • Version 1.3 of TEK Client is released, providing a customized version of the Firefox web browser (Windows only) to simplify installation and use.
February, 2004
  • Version 1.2.1 of TEK Client is released, fixing a login bug that kept some users from using authenticaticated SMTP.
January, 2004
  • Version 1.2 of TEK Client is released, providing support for SMTP authentication, local HTTP POST, and several bug fixes.
October, 2003

September, 2003

  • TEK continues its collaboration with First Mile Solutions as it deploys wireless store-and-forward email service in Cambodia.

  • TEK starts to collaborate with aidworld, a project with a similar goal and approach. We are exploring possibilities for sharing resources and internal infrastructure.
August, 2003

  • TEK partners with The People First Network to service low-connectivity regions in the Solomon Islands. The target locations have an email-only network that runs over HF Radio using the WaveMail system.

  • All of the source code for TEK is moved to the TEK Project on SourceForge where anyone can download or help to develop the software.
July, 2003

  • Radio 10 of Buenos Aires, Argentina features TEK in this interview (3MB WAV file, in Spanish) with radio host Pinky. Thanks to Juan Reyes for representing TEK!

  • BBC News publishes an article about TEK, and TEK is featured in this segment of the BBC Go Digital radio program. (The article is also available in Spanish, and for low-bandwidth users).
May, 2003

  • The Deccan Herald publishes this article about TEK.

  • Version 1.1.4 of TEK Client is released, providing improved HTML layout, help files, user interface, robust local search, and numerous bug fixes.