TEK People

Principal Investigator:

Ph.D. Students:

At Elsevier:
Our collaborators at Elsevier have contributed immensely to the
TEK user interface, as well as providing Scirus search functionality for TEK.

  • Ammy Vogtlander
  • Craig Scott
  • Jeremy Alder
  • Spencer de Groot
  • Christian Pruvost

Support with User Evaluation and Deployment:

  • David Leeming
    People First Network (PFnet) Technical Advisor

  • Philippe Duby (avicodec@duby.info)
    Identified SMTP authentication bug

  • Mohammed Maifi Hasan Khan
    Lecturer, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

  • J G Krishnayya
    Professor and Executive Director, Systems Research Institute, India

Former participants:

  • Dr. Libby Levison (PI)
  • Alexandro Artola
  • Damon Berry
  • Samidh Chakrabarti
  • Sheldon Chan
  • Marjorie Cheng
  • Genevieve T Cuevas
  • Mark Halsey
  • Sid Henderson
  • Tazeen Mahtab
  • Saad Shakhshir
  • Hongfei Tian
  • Binh D Vo