Download TEK

Version 2.0 (Beta 4) of the TEK Client was released on April 13, 2006.

There are versions of TEK available for both Windows and Linux. The Linux version has yet to be upgraded to 2.0. If the files below are too big for you to download, please send email to and we would be delighted to mail you a CD with the installers (for free).

  • Windows installation (TEK 2.0). Download the TEK 2.0 installer (37 MB). After downloading the installer, double-click on "install.exe" to start the installation process.

  • Linux installation (TEK 1.3). Download this file (1.6 MB) and install it according to the directions in the release notes for Linux.

  • Older, smaller versions. If you absolutely need a smaller download, TEK 1.3 is still available (though TEK 2.0 is much better!). In the near future we will also release smaller versions of TEK 2.0.

       1. Download TEK 1.3 with a Java VM (15.4 MB).

       2. Download TEK 1.3 without a Java VM (9.3 MB).

    You should only use option #2 if you have a Java VM (version 1.3 or higher) already installed on your system. System requirements and usage tips can be found in the release notes for Windows, which are available online as well as in the downloads above.