TEK Links


  • Scirus Search Engine.
    The Scirus team led the design of the user interface for TEK 2.0 and also provided Scirus search functionality for TEK.

  • People's First Network.
    This organization in the Solomon Islands has provided wonderful support for deploying TEK in rural communities.

  • First Mile Solutions.
    This company has helped deploy TEK with its unique technology in bringing store-and-forward connectivity to remote areas.

Low-Bandwidth Services

  • Loband by Aidworld.
    The open-source Loband software is used within TEK to robustly simplify web pages. It is also provided as a real-time proxy on the Internet.

  • EmailWeb.
    This service is similar to TEK, but operates within an email client rather than a Web browser. Unlike TEK, EmailWeb sends images with search results.

  • www4mail.
    The www4mail server provides flexible retrieval of Web pages over email. It distills results to plain text rather than full HTML formatting.

  • GetWeb by Satellife.
    This service also provides text versions of Web pages via email.